Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Easy DVR instructions

Depending on the DVR model you have, most DVRs can record up to 120 hours of standard-definition programming or up to 26 hours of high-definition programming. Storage space varies based on the type of channel (digital, HD) you are recording. Your DVR saves your recordings and allows you to view them whenever you want. You can watch and record programs at the same time or watch only a portion of your episode and view again later. With program notices and options to guide you through the steps, playing and recording programs is very simple.

Record while watching TV
1. Simply press Record on your remote. A notice appears to indicate recording has begun.

To record a second program at the same time, tune directly to the program you want to record. Your DVR will automatically swap to the available tuner.

Record from the Program Information screen
1. Press on your remote to view the TV Listings.
2. Highlight a program and press on your remote. The Program Information screen appears.
3. Press Record on your remote or select the Record icon.
4. Press to record the program as planned, or select the Recording Settings icon to modify the recording settings.

Record a single program
1. Press on your remote to view the TV Listings.
2. Highlight the program you want to record.
3. Press the Record button on your remote. A red dot appears next to the program title in the grid so you know the program is scheduled to record.

Record a series program
1. Press on your remote to view the TV Listings.
2. Highlight the TV series you want to record and press Record twice to modify your settings or press on your remote
and select the Record icon from the Program Information screen.
3. Select the Set up a series recording icon to specify your recording options.
4. Select the Record series with these settings icon to schedule the recording, or select the View all settings icon
to access advanced setup features.

Watch a recording
1. Press the DVR button on your remote or the icon from the Quick Menu, then select My Recordings.
• You can view and sort your recordings by title, date or channel. Use the right arrow  button to scroll through the
different views.
2. Programs recorded on your DVR are organized into folders. The number to the right of the folder name indicates how many episodes are saved in that folder. Press on your remote to open the folder to access your recorded programs. Highlight a program you want to play back and press to view the Program Information screen.
3. Select a playback option from the icons listed.
4. When the program finishes, the transport bar will display with the Pause icon. If you press while the transport bar
is displayed, the Delete recording or Don’t delete recording message will appear.

You can play back a previously recorded program while you record two programs at the same time.