Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How high can cable bills go?

   It's that time again where we negotiate pricing for a network. Tel-Star belongs to a co-op consisting of other small cable companies to try and keep costs down and have the buying power of some of the big guys. However, skyrocketing increases from the networks are pushing basic cable packages well into historically record highs.
   We all understand and feel the pain of these increases. The public can honestly be looking at basic cable packages in the coming years around $100 a month. When you see networks running messages across your screens, please know it is not from us, your cable provider, but the network themselves that are inducing these scare tactics.
   We here at Tel-Star are doing everything we can to keep costs low and affordable. We will have more information coming as we continue these contracts.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Facebook, small business and your news feed.

  Facebook is hiding posts from you: How you can take back control. This is a great article by trek light gear. Facebook is an awesome tool for small business but customers are not seeing what they should. There is help to change your settings so you can see what you really want to.